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    A Worry Free Experience with Happy Valley Painting Company

    At Happy Valley House Painting, our clients choose us for our professionalism and reliability. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you’re giving your home a facelift or need your commercial property completely repainted –– we ensure your experience is worry and stress-free. 

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    Happy Valley Painting Services That We Are Providing

    We are residential and commercial painting contractors trusted by many homeowners and commercial customers in the Happy Valley, Oregon area. We provide all types of residential and commercial painting services. There’s no job too big or too small for us. No matter the size of the job, you have our promise that we will treat you well and work hard to make sure you are totally satisfied with our professional house painters.


    We handle both small and large interior painting jobs. For interior painting services, staining, drywall repair, ceilings, walls, cabinets, or trim, you can count on House Painter Happy Valley to help you achieve the look you want for your interior painting project.
    The happy valley exterior painting of your building enhances the look and protects its value. Our commercial exterior painting contractor provides expert product advice, carefully prepares surfaces, and adheres to safe work practices. Let us help make your property look great!


    Are you looking for residential painting services our painting contractors will treat your home with care and respect? Happy Valley House Painting professionals are skillful painters who pay attention to the details and carefully protect your home and furnishings.

    Are you looking for a commercial painting services that will treat your home with care and respect? The commercial painting contractors at House Painter Happy Valley are skillful painters who pay attention to the details and carefully protect your home and furnishings. You can contact us if you are searching for commercial painting services and commercial painting companies.

    Vinyl Painting and More

    Painting vinyl siding and other specialty materials require expertise. Don’t risk a DIY job doomed to fail. If you need cedar shingles, aluminum siding or anything else painted, pass the job on to the experts. We’ll make sure you get a stable, perfect paint job. Our primary services are happy valley interior painting, happy valley exterior painting, and commercial and residential painting.

    Colors for Every House Painter Happy Valley Surface

    At house painting happy valley, we know how personal choosing a modern house paint colors exterior can be. Every home and every business is a little bit different, with different needs and different atmospheres. To make those spaces’ personalities shine through and leave our customers happy, we give you access to a broad and exciting range of colors. 

    If you’re a little lost in all the options, we can advise you on what we think will look best. We make sure to paint each room or wall of your property exactly how you want it, so your space is the best reflection of who you are. 

    To guarantee your satisfaction, we’re comfortable working with a number of different materials. We can paint on wood, vinyl, or any other material that you tell us. That means that no matter what structure you need to be house paintings, you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time. 

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    About Our House Painters Happy Valley

    Painting services began with the vision of making residential and commercial painting more convenient and successful for Happy Valley residents. From the very beginning, we have sold ourselves on the promise of certainty. In everything we do, we guarantee perfection. Our Portland painting company won’t leave you with a paint job that you’re unhappy with.

    Though we have many customers, we give each and every one our full attention. When you trust House Painters Happy Valley, you get a personalized painting experience that you can feel good about.

    Our Process

    Though every job is a bit different, here is a brief look at what you expect when you hire local house painters for Happy Valley painting service:
    painting service 37

    Select Your Color

    With endless options (you’d be surprised how many shades of white exist), choosing your paint color can be challenging. If you’re struggling to decide, we’ll help you choose the option.
    painting illustration 03

    Cover the Area

    We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t need to be. In our painting services, first step is to lay drop cloths and plastic over the floors and furniture in the space we are painted wooden houses.


    painting service 36

    Prep the Walls

    Since a smooth wall surface makes for better paint adhesion, our painting contractors will always prepare all the surfaces before house wall painting. If you have a unique surface that requires a different method, we’ll prep it correctly.
    painting illustration 02

    Apply New Paint

    Our expert painters will then apply quality paint. How long this step takes depends on the surface and the paint, but your contractors will always work as efficiently as possible.
    painting service 35


    We want to leave your house in better condition than we found it. To ensure it does, our house painters in portland or Vancouver WA always clean meticulously.
    Residential Painting Services | Residential Painting Contractor

    There is no doubt that a fantastic way to individualize your house cheaply is to paint it! New paint brings brand-new life to both the exterior and interior of your house. It provides a sensation of “clean”, revitalization, of freshness, and assists develop the environment you desire.

    Depending upon the various colors you select, you have the ability to create numerous appearances, including stylish, refined, calm, energetic, lively, or joyful. Color is so much a part of personal design and painting your home allows you to show your own design. In an extremely short time, your home can go from “blah” to “wow” and all because of paint! It’s great! Best House Painter Happy Valley Paint your house secures the financial worth of among your most substantial properties. Whether you wish to refresh the existing colors or you’re opting for a brand-name new appearance, paint can help create a location where you enjoy living.

    If you require a trusted partner for residential painting services, then you’ve landed at the best place! At Happy Valley House Painting our local house painters will take care of your property painting requirements and help you change your home into a home. We offer a complete variety of exterior and interior painting services with fantastic customer care and budget-friendly rates. Upfront prices, addressing concerns, transparent interaction, and flexible scheduling are all part of our smooth, worry-free procedure.

    It can be challenging to discover a painting specialist Vancouver WA you depend on to deal with your home. You do not wish to gamble with your money or your time. We get that, so our valley house painting services are created with you in mind so you can live while we paint your home. We provide a complete range of residential, commercial, exterior and interior property painting services at affordable costs, supported by thoughtful client service. In advance rates, making the effort to answer concerns, communicating plainly, and providing flexible scheduling are all part of our smooth, worry-free process. We charge the low cost to paint a house in portland Oregon.

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    Interior Painting Services
    Your house is a sanctuary, a location to unwind after a day of work, a place for family, and a place to charge. Your home expresses your personal style and preferences. It states a lot about who you are. So, if there’s one place you desire an exceptional painting job, it’s within your home! After all, you spend a lot of time taking a look at the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows in the various rooms! Whether you want to develop some accent walls, paint one room, or renovate your entire house, Happy Valley Painting can assist.

    So, what are your design goals? Do you wish to alter the color pattern in your location? Or maybe you wish to lighten the appearance of a bathroom to develop a sensation of the area? Perhaps create a sense of It’s all possible with color! Of course, while choosing colors for some is interesting, for others demanding. If you require aid in choosing colors, we can provide a color consultation at House Painter Happy Valley

    Drywall Repair Company
    Does the drywall in your home require repair work? Whether there are medium-sized holes, large holes, or water damage, we can look after them. Replacing harmed drywall repair or utilizing the proper primer to block water or smoke discolorations is all part of our procedure. Trust the group at Happy Valley House Painter to spot, sand, prime, and paint so that your walls and ceilings look terrific!
    Cut Paintings
    Does the trim in your home– the baseboards, or door and window frames– look tired and used? Depend on House Painter  Happy Valley for the ability to make the surface on trim look smooth and to produce straight cut lines where the trim fulfills the wall. Our painters Happy Valley will repair the caulking, fill and sand any nail holes, and then use a fresh coat of paint. You’ll marvel how freshly painted trim will help illuminate and give the space a feeling of freshness, a sensation of newness
    Home Depot Ceiling Paint
    How about the ceilings in your house? Are they yellowed and looking a little worn out? It happens over a period of years. However, put a coat of brand-new, white paint on them and they suddenly pop and look so clean! You won’t think how fresh they look! It might be though, that your ceilings do not require to be painted. If so, we’ll be upfront and tell you that. There’s no point in the best ceiling paint color if the outcomes are not visible.
    Cabinet Painting
    Are you wanting to upgrade and refresh the cabinets in your home whether in the kitchen, restroom, or laundry? In previous years standard oak cabinets were popular. However, today, a fresh white or a two-toned color scheme is more in design. Instead of going to the cost of replacing cabinets, we can assist upgrade them. We are thoroughly clean, scuff-sand, and prime so that the color coats adhere effectively. When it concerns painting, our expert painters take the time and focus on the information so that the finish looks fantastic. We use the best cabinet paint kit for painting
    Exterior Painting Services - Exterior Painting Contractors
    The elements can take a toll on exterior building surfaces – rain, sun, and wind. Protecting these surfaces is crucial to ensure their durability.

    High-quality paint is more cost-effective as it resists deterioration. While inferior paint may look new for a while, it will eventually fade and need to be replaced or repainted. The final cost of painting will be much higher. Painting is more expensive than the materials. You won’t regret spending a bit more on high-quality paint.

    Many people believe they are able to paint but don’t know how to properly paint exterior walls. If you want your exterior paint job to last for many years, it is worth hiring an experienced contractor. To ensure paint adhesion, they will carefully prepare all surfaces. This could include scraping, sanding, and repairing or replacing rotting timber. They will also know which products are best for different materials. Good adhesion requires careful preparation. If something isn’t done correctly, paint can flake, peel and/or fail to dry properly.

    Painting metal is a different process than painting wood, which is different from painting vinyl. Vinyl siding can warp when painted with dark colors. It is important to remember that vinyl products often come with warranties that are dependent on the paint used.

    It is worth making the effort to hire a professional to help you with residential and commercial exterior painting. It will pay off long-term.

    Protect your investment and create the style you love! Get a free quote from us today!

    Best Commercial Painting Services
    Painting your commercial space or building is more than just making it look good.

    Well-maintained paint and color can help to create a positive environment for staff. Paint can also help improve workplace safety, especially if special coatings or signs are required. Prospects and clients will also be impressed by a professionally painted space. A well-maintained building will help protect the surfaces and preserve their value. It is a good idea to paint your commercial space and building regularly.

    Commercial painting is different from residential painting. It’s crucial to hire an experienced commercial exterior painter. We are sure you understand this and we want to let you know.

    Happy Valley painting contractors portland Oregon is familiar with all aspects of commercial painting in Happy Valley and Clackamas. We are skilled in the preparation of difficult surfaces, using special primers and paints. We understand that scheduling is important. We will work with you to meet your staff’s needs, even if it means working weekends or after-hours. Safety is important to both our painters as well as you, your tenants, and/or employees. To ensure a safe working environment, we are well-versed in and regularly use safety equipment. We will also inform you of any special requirements such as restricted access to work areas, ventilation requirements, or the use of electric or fuel-powered lifts.

    Our dream painting llc offers a range of commercial interior and exterior painting services including:


    • Manufacturing
    • Office
    • Apartment
    • strata/condominium
    • Retail
    • Worship
    • Education
    • Government


    • Drywall repair
    • Stain sealing
    • wallpaper removal
    • priming
    • Painting
    • Specialized coatings (dry-erase whiteboard, safety, etc.)
    • Staining
    • varnish/clear coat

    Understanding the requirements of our customers is an essential part of any commercial painting job. Call house painters Vancouver WA today to learn how we can assist you.


    Q: How much does it cost to hire someone to paint the trim?
    A: The average cost to hire painters to paint your interior wood trim is $1,199. If you’re looking to do it yourself, or just have a small area of trim to be painted either by you or professionals, the lowest average cost to paint interior wood trim is $240. Most homeowners have spent between $627-1,775.

    Q: Do painters work on weekends?
    A: In some cases, painters are also required to have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience. Finally, painters must be able to work flexible schedules, including weekends, as well as stand for an eight-hour-long shift.

    Q: What is the hardest paint to remove?
    A: The hardest paint that is available to most homeowners is epoxy-modified alkyd paint.

    Q: How many square feet is a 12×12 room?
    A: 144 sq ft. In this case, the length and width are the same which makes it square.

    Q: Do professionals use painter’s tape?
    A: That answer is “usually no”. Painters usually just cut into the trim with a 16th of an inch of wall paint to marry the trim to the wall. An example of when I use tape is when I want to protect a baseboard that is unpainted, as in stained and varnished, or.

    Q: How many square feet can a painter paint in a day?
    A: An average painter should be able to cover about 150 square feet an hour. If you divide 504 by 150 you get 3.36. A professional commercial painting contractor will charge between $50-$80 per hour with today’s rates, taxes, and insurance.

    Gresn Reye
    Gresn Reye
    They had the best price around, were always on time and fantastic to work with. They paid great attention to detail, listening to all our concerns before and during the project.We would definitely use them again!
    Destiny Bennet
    Destiny Bennet
    Great company to work with. We purchased a new house and wanted the interior repainted before we moved in. They were able to push up the start date with very little notice.
    David Valdse
    David Valdse
    They arrived each day as expected, cleaned up each day, and completed the work within the stated time period. We will definitely use them again. Thank you so much for your great service!
    Cataleya Parker
    Cataleya Parker
    This was a big job with a 2 story house with 100% wood siding. The owner came out to do a quote and they worked with me to get it painted on a tight timeline. The crew was here on time every morning and did excellent work. They kept the yard clean from scraped paint, paper, lunch. They took very good care to make sure this was done right. They had already packed up to leave after 7 days when one of the guys saw something he didn't like so they got out the paint and did a quick touch up on the downspout and trim. I would use them again and will recommend them to anyone.
    Alan Gilbert
    Alan Gilbert
    They are punctual with a superior work ethic. They do not make promises that they cannot keep. Their finished product made our home look like a home in a high end magazine. We used them first for exterior painting. They did so well, we called them back for our interior painting. Great customer service also!
    June Perkins
    June Perkins
    My start was delayed a few days due to another job taking longer than expected, but I was notified that the job would be delayed. Once they started, they worked all weekend and my house looks great! Very professional and hardworking. I’m extremely pleased with how it all turned out!
    Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson
    The price was very competitive and he gave me multiple options for paint quality and prices for each. He was able to start the job early and they finished early. My house looks fantastic and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend them!
    Jordan Green
    Jordan Green
    They did an EXCELLENT job and cleaned up everything perfectly. Also, they honored their warranty, no questions asked. There was an issue with the exterior front door paint. It had nothing to do with workmanship. The paint itself did not adhere properly. They matched the color perfectly with another brand and repainted the door. While here, he noticed a couple of cracks in other areas due to settling. He offered to touch those up as well without my even asking.
    Joe Goldberg
    Joe Goldberg
    Excellent work! The house looks fresh and new. Work was started onetime and the team worked hard to complete the job in a timely manner. Extremely accommodating when changes were made. The team worked efficiently and were always professional.
    Thomas Tesailpre
    Thomas Tesailpre
    Our home actually looks brand new after the power washing, caulking, & then the painting of 2 coats of very high quality paint. We were very pleased with the workers, & how they answered all of our questions along the way. Very prompt, speedy, & high quality work! I very highly recommend this company for any of your painting needs.

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